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In this way, our merchandise have ongoing to gain market acceptance and customers satisfaction in excess of the previous couple of years. EPG was awarded with “renowned merchandise of Zhejiang Province” and “famous brand of Zhejiang Province”. The team has taken element in the making and revising of ISO/TC100 worldwide chain regular several a long time in success and hosted the 16th ISO/TC100 Intercontinental annual meeting in 2004.

Specifics desk.

Information: Portion name:
Product NO: PC40,PC40-1,PC40-two
Go over AS.
FAEPTER Drive(Cover).
SHAFT-EPT Equipment.
(INCEPTS Carrier, BOLT amp RINGS).
Equipment PLANETARY(2ND Stage).
Provider GP(INCEPTS Provider, BOLT amp RING).
EPT Ring.
Swing Planetary Provider Assembly.
Swing EPT.
Journey EPT.
Earth EPT.
Planetary provider.
Dimensions: MIni- Excavator
Condition: EPT.
Guarantee: On the internet.Support.Movie complex assist
EPTmark: HLT or According to consumer requirements.
Transportation Package: Carton/Fumigated.EPTen Situation
Origin EPT.


Please refer to Parts Catalog/Service Guide to check out if your EPT is suitable. If you are not positive about the suitability, you can give us with the serial amount of the EPT by electronic mail or phone to check out them.

Component Variety
20T-60-00110 TZ850A0006-00 0FUGHC-three-1-1264 A708-7R-13590 706-73-90070 57182-1571
07000-12012 TZJB2401-P22-9 FUFRP-1183-20 A708-7R-13360 706-73-44003 20T-62-71611
07000-13571 TZGM1-four FUFRP-1183-06 A708-7R-13351 07000-57185 708-seven^13351
20T-sixty-00130 TZ300B2108-00 FUFRP-1183-forty one A708-7R-13320 57110-61245 708-7^13420
TZ840A1001-00 TZ15Z-seventeen-35-eight FUFRP-1183-15 A708-7R-13420 706-seventy three-71100 708-7R-15130
TZQWG-13149 TZ550A2004-00 FUGHC-three-2-1264 A708-7R-13410 706-73-40830 708-seven^15121
TZ840A1102-00 TZ550A2007-00 FUFRP-1183-07 A708-7R-13581 07000-5711 708-7R-15180
TZES192A00 1230082105-00 FUFRP-608-19 A708-7R-15131 07000-13571 708-7R-15150
TZ860A1571-00 TZ300B200300-A FUFRP-1183-08 A708-7R-15130 57111-51000 708-7R-15160
07000-15230 TZ300B2040-00 FUFRP-1264-09 A708-7R-15122 706-seventy three-90160 708-7R-15712
TZ850A1571-00 TZJB2804-S6 FUTPH-3-eight A708-7R-15121 01641-00608 708-7R-15722
TZ800A1017-00 TZ300A2008-00 20T-sixty-76710 A708-7R-15180 04050-01610 FUMHB2B14954
TZ860A1104-00 TZJB1354-2-twelve 20T-25-81100 07000-12095 57110-31245 FUMHB2B24954
TZ860A1013-00 TZIRTW-32 20T-twenty five-81160 A708-7R-15150 TZJB1354-eight-16 FUMHSH2B4954
TZ860A1014-00 TZ550A2009-00 20T-25-81170 A708-7R-15160 TZ300B1000-00 FUMHCB24954
TZ852A1007-00 06000-06201 57110-81265 A708-7R-15712 ATZ300B1102-01 FUFZD-4954-ten
04064-57112 TZJB1354-4-ten 22M-26-00033 A708-7R-15722 ATZ300B1132-01 FUFZD-4954-17
TZ840A1006-00 20T-60-42100 22M-26-00031 708-7R-03030 TZ300B1019-00 FUFZD-4654-twenty
04064-01410 ATZ312B1102-00 22M-26-00030 708-7R-15670 TZES100-a hundred and fifty-A FURBO-G125
TZ860A1008-00 ATZ312B1132-00 22M-26-11160 706-seventy three-72680 ATZ300A1571-00 FURBO-G115
TZQWG-13235 TZMB700-060 22M-26-11120 708-7T-57150 ATZ300B1571-00 FUMHS-2B14954
TZ860A1018-00 TZ300A1019-00 20S-26-81260 07000-F2016 ATZ300B1104-02 20T-25-87100
TZHP00003-8 07000-11007 20T-26-81430 708-7R-11380 ATZ300B1204-02 20T-26-5712
20T-25-12100 TZJW1516-G26-nine 20S-26-71160 01252-60825 ATZ300A1009-00 20T-26-5711
20T-25-11150 ATZ310B1001-01 20S-26-71190 FUGHB50-one-8715 ATZ300A1571-00 20T-26-5710
20T-25-11160 TZES100-154-A 20S-26-71250 FU140BA18 ATZ300A1571-00 20T-26-81180
5711-00000 TZ31 OB 1571-00 20T-26-81190 FUGHC50-1-8322 ATZ300A1013-00 20T-26-81121
57110-51680 07000-15185 22M-26-11140 FUGHC50-2-8322 TZ300B1006-00 20T-26-81140
5711-01638 ATZ310B1571-00 20T-26-81250 FUFZD-8322-07 TZJW1516-G40-nine 20T-26-81151
20T-26-00050 TZ310B1017-00 20T-26-71190 FUFZD-8322-08 TZ305B9000-00 20T-26-81150
07049-01215 TZ31 OB 1571-00 22M-26-11180 FUFZD-8322-21 20T-twenty five-41100 20S-26-71451
07044-12412 TZ31 OB 1104-00 20T-26-81231 FUFRP-1078-21 20T-26-5710 20T-26-81171
07002-57134 TZ31 OB 1204-00 20T-26-81160 FUFZD-8322-09 20T-26-31220 20T-26-81170
20T-26-00060 TZ31 OB 1009-00 22M-26-11170 FUAS5578 20T-26-31250 01253-61210
57110-31290 TZ31 OB 1571-00 20U-26-22160 FU180-27-11712 07000-57160 01252-61290
01602-01236 TZ31 OB 1571-00 20T-26-81210 FU180-27-11720 20T-26-41230 20T-26-81110
57110-31035 ATZ310B1013-00 22M-26-11190 FUROA-264 20T-26-41250 20T-26-81130
01602-57130 TZ550A1014-00 01253-61220 FUP14-90 20T-26-41260 20T-26-05712
5711-01434 TZ314B1107-00 01253-61200 FUTPHA-1-four 06044-00308 20T-26-05711
20T-26-13610 04064-57112 01643-51232 FUMHB-A-4656 20R-26-11360 20T-26-05710
20T-26-13620 TZ314B1006-00 20T-26-81240 FUFZD-4342-21 04064-04018 708-7T-57150
07000-03571 TZ31 OB 1008-00 20T-26-81220 FUFZS-2448-259 20T-26-41110 20T-sixty-87120
20T-26-11210 07000-15170 22M-26-11110 FUFZD-4342-24 20T-26-41220 FUGHB50-1-8322
20T-26-11220 TZGM3-8 22M-26-11130 FUFZS-2448-27 06040-06304 FUGHC50-two-8391
01641-20608 TZ312B9000-00 04064-03818 FUFZS-2448-thirty 20T-26-41210 FUFZD-8391-07
04050-11610 20T-sixty-43100 708-7R-05710 FUTPUA-one-sixteen 04050-15050 FUFZD-8391-08
20T-26-13210 FUMHB-three-two-2096 708-7R-00131 FUP25-ninety 57111-51200 FUFZD-8391-09
06044-5715 FUPP-M6-eight-fifteen 20S-26-81310 FUTPHA-one-eight 01643-31032 FUPMV-2B-3521
06040-06204 FUMHSH-3-2197 708-7T-51210 D6000-06302 20T-26-31110 FUMHB-B-4342
20T-26-13310 06000-06305 57182-1571 708-7R-00042 20T-26-31120 FUFZD-4336-22
06044-5717 AFUMHB-3-one-2096 07235-1571 708-7R-00041 TZ312B215711-A FUFZD-4266-twenty five
06040-06207 FUPPS-W-six-16 57196-11009 708-7R-00040 TZ300B2044-00 FUFZS-9591-eleven
20T-26-13410 FUPP-H7-8-fifteen 57182-10316 A708-7R-04011 TZ121F2070-00 FUHL68-5X5-06
20T-26-11820 FUMHCB-3-2000 20R-62-11311 07000-57125 04260-0571 06000-06202
04064-5718 FUFZS-2000-08 57182-15710 A708-7R-12111 TZ200B2073-00 FURO-P12.5-70
20T-26-11430 FUPS67-157100 22M-60-11132 A708-7R-13210 TZ300B2043-01 FUYB-seven-32
20T-26-13420 04065-5715 FUPMV-2B-2918B A708-7R-13520 TZ310B2002-00 FU170 1538 687
07012-00075 AFUFZS-2096-05 FUMHB-two-4656 A708-7R-13510 TZ312B2004-00 FUHL68-5X5-08
04071-00110 06000-06302 FUFZS-2448-28 A708-7R-13340 TZ310B2007-00 FUFZD-4300-28
06044-00309 FUG125-90 FUP8-ninety A708-7R-13310 ATZ300B2105-00 FUMHB-three-4266
06030-22212 FUTH12-10-25 FUMHSH-1-2412 A708-7R-13570 TZ310B200301-A FUMHCB-one-2632
706-seventy three-15710 AFUGHB-3-1183 FUMHCB-1-2805 A708-7R-15140 TZJB1501-eighteen FUFZD-4342-ten
706-seventy five-90180 FUFRP-1183-02 FUFZS-2412-05 07000-12110 TZ310B2032-00 FUTH10-twenty five
04065-08225 FUGHC-3-one-1183 FUPS67-157101 A708-7R-15170 TZ310B2070-01 TZ300A1008-00
706-seventy three-72170 FUAS3047 FUPS35-157100 07001-57195 TZ310B2008-00 TZOWG-13177
706-seventy three-72150 FURA-30 FUFZS-2632-15 708-7R-5711 TZJB1506-2-208 TZ300A1018-00
706-73-72230 FUPPS-W-6-twenty FUFZD-4656-110 708-7T-57180 TZ550A2014-01 TZ300B9000-00
706-seventy three-72240 FUGHC-three-2-1183 FUFZD-4671-26 708-7R-00014 TZ310B2571-00 07000-15180
706-seventy three-72260 FURA-35 FUFZS-2632-27 708-7R-00013 TZJB 1354-four-10 20T-sixty-32300
07000-12016 FUPPS-W-4-20 FUFZS-2805-fifty four 708-7R-00012 TZJB 1354-8-16 TZ300B200000AA
07001-57116 AFUFRP-1183-09 FUFZS-2817-29B 708-7^11611 20T-twenty five-77102 TZ300B215710-A
706-seventy three-72220 FUFRP-710-13 FUYB-five-8 708-7R-11710 20T-twenty five-77101 TZGM1-8
07000-13030 FUFRP-710-15 FUTH-10-twenty five 708-seven^11720 20T-25-77180 TZMB700-050
01252-31571 FUFRP-1158-16 FUG135-90 708-7R-04011 57110-51265 FUPS66-157100
07040-12012 FU175-27-32711 FUP7-ninety 708-7R-12111 57110-51260 FUPS66-157100
07002-12034 FU100-27-11330 FUG115-90 708-7R-13111 20T-26^X110 FUFZS-2313-15
706-73-85100 FU120BA16 FURB0-G125 708-7R-13210 20T-26-71141 FUFZS-2620-22
07000-11009 FUFRP-840-23 FURB0-G115 708-7R-13520 20T-26-71320 FUFZS-2313-05
07001-57109 FUROA-263 22M-twenty five-21101 708-7R-13510 07042-35711 FUMHB-3-one-2313
07000-22016 FUTPHA-3-eight 20T-25-71180 708-7R-13340 20T-26-71231 FUTH12-10-thirty
07002-12434 FUFRP-1183-forty 20T-twenty five-71170 708-7R-13310 20T-26-71150 FUGHB-three-1264
20T-twenty five-31100 708-7T-00041 57110-81270 708-7R-13410 070057160 175-27-00121
20T-25-31150 708-7T-00040 01643-31232 708-7R-13581 07012-00090 FUGHC3-1-1264B
57110-51270 708-7T-11111 708-7R-0571 708-7R-13570 20T-26-71221 01252-61230
20S-60-22101 708-7T-11511 708-7R-12130 04065-5718 20T-26-71121 A708-7R-12120
TZ300B2101-00 708-7T-11510 708-7R-12140 TZ552A1006-00 20T-26-71311 A708-7R-12140
TZ300A2052-00 07043-75718 708-7R-12150 TZ550A1571-00 20T-26-71132 A708-7R-12150
TZ300A2056-00 708-71-11120 708-7R-13130 TZ550A1008-00 20T-26-71180 A708-7R-13111
TZ300A2051-00 720-68-19610 708-7R-13270 TZWG44-13202 20T-26-71211 A708-7R-13241
TZ300A2054-00 708-1D-19120 708-7R-13540 TZ550A1018-00 20T-26-71170 A708-7R-13240
TZ300A2055-00 708-7T-12120 708-7R-13530 TZ314A2101-0C 20T-26-71111 A708-7R-13540
TZ300B2053-00 708-1T-12140 708-7R-13560 TZ300A2053-00 708-7T-00122 A708-7R-13530
TZ300B2058-00 708-1T-12150 04065-03012 TZ840A2002-00 07049-57112 A708-7R-13560
TZHP00001-four 708-7T-05571 708-7R-13590 TZ550A2105-00 07042-25718 706-73-91080
TZ300B2038-00 708-7B-12210 708-7R-13370 TZ550A2003-0A 20T-26-71340 07000-15095
TZ300B2039-00 04065-04818 708-7R-13320 TZ300A2017-00 20T-26-71330 706-73-91130
TZ300B2043-00 708-71-13410 708-7R-13420 TZIRT-03212 57110-51055 706-seventy three-91110
TZ300B2042-00 5711-57124 708-7R-15131 06000-06001 07235-10422 706-73-91120
TZ300B2002-00 708-7T-13510 708-7R-15122 01252-30825 20T-sixty two-71640 706-seventy three-91150
06000-06203 708-seventy one-13521 708-7R-15210 TZPP0080-twenty 07002-57134 706-seventy three-91141
TZ01703508 708-7T-13530 07000-12115 20T-sixty-00120 571101434 07000-57135
TZ300B2102-00 708-71-13550 07000-12085 TZ550A2015-00 57110-51235 706-seventy three-90180
TZ300B2033-00 708-seventy one-13540 708-7R-15240 TZ550A2016-00 20T-26-00120 04065-06825
TZ300B2032-00 04065-03815 07000-12100 07000-5710 20T-seventy six-71121 706-73-72440
TZ300B2036-00 708-71-13351 708-7R-15230 TZROWG23-131 01252-41050 706-73-72430
TZ300B2017-00 708-7T-13342 723-thirty-51130 TZ550A2012-00 20U-26-21250 708-71-52512
TZ300B204MX 708-7T-13341 22M-60-21301 TZ550A2013-00 07235-15710 708-seventy one-15120
TZSBR00604 708-7T-13130 FUGHB-four-8235 TZ312A2571-00 07002-01423 708-seventy one-15140
TZ550A2011-00 708-7T-13241 FUGHC4B28235 TZ312A2018-00 57110-51040 708-71-55220
TZPP571-12 708-7T-13220 FUFZD-8322-02 TZ312A2571-00 708-7T-00160 708-71-15150
TZ550A2014-00 708-7T-16110 FUFZD-8090-06 TZ312A2019-00 203-62-32950 702-73-04200
TZ300A2571-00 708-7T-16120 FUFZD-8090-09 07000-11005 203-sixty two-57860 07002-11423
TZ1R003212 07040-11812 FUFZD-8090-ten TZ558A9000-00 708-7T-11211 57196-11008
0600M6201 07002-11823 FUFZD-8090-12 07000-15210 708-71-11612 TZ300A1014-00
TZPP0040-ten 708-7T-57130 FUFZD-8322-13 TZROWG44-13202 57110-31060 TZ300B1107-00
TZ300B2037-00 708-7T-00051 FUFZD-8090-fourteen TZROWG26-13120 708-71-12211 04064-57112
07000-12571 708-7T-00050 FUFZD-8090-15 TZRO17820038 708-seventy one-12240 TZ300B 1006^
TZ300B2035-00 708-71-11511 FUFZD-8322-sixteen TZ015Z-17358 708-seventy one-12250 04064-01510
TZ300B2041-00 708-7T-11120 FUFZD-8322-17 TZROWG23-13110 708-7T-12230 FUMHSH-three-2861
01252-30820 720^8-19610 FUFZD-8090-20 TZR0WG44-13202 708-71-05571 06000-06206
TZPP0080-sixteen 708-ten-19120 FUFZD-8322-23 TZR0HP00003-eight 708-71-13421 FUMHSW-31-2313
TZHP00001-8 708-71-12120 FUFZD-8144-34 TZR0WG26-13120 708-seventy one-13510 0FUFZS-26321O31
07000-12130 708-7T-13521 FUGPF-1-eight TZR017820038 708-71-13560 FUMHCB-three-2313
TZES00150A 708-seventy one-13530 FUGPF-one-4 TZR0WG23-13110 708-71-13611 07002-11223
TZ300A1571-00 708-7T-13550 FUGHS50018325 57110-51290 708-71-13121 708- 7R-11210
0700G-15180 708-7T-13540 702-seventy three-04230 01602-21236 708-71-13250 722-ten-91130
TZ300A1017-00 708-seventy one-13342 723-60-22230 57110-51035 708-7T-16130 709- 32-12861
TZ300B102H0 708-7T-13121 57189-0571 01602-21030 708-seventy one-11240 431-40-11210
TZ300B1103-00 708-71-13130 708-7R-00131 20T-26-22130 708-seventy one-11650 706-73-40340
TZ300B1204-00 708-71-13231 A708-7R-11630 0603Q-22212 708-seventy one-51210 706-73-90060
TZ300A1009-00 708-seventy one-13241 A708-7R-11611 20T-26-22120 57110-51250 706-seventy three-91030
TZ300A1571-00 708-7T-57160 A708-7R-11710 57110-51445 708-seventy one-12310 706-73-91040
TZ300A1571-00 20T-sixty-78120 A708-7R-11720 01643-31445 708-7T-12250 706-73-91050
TZ300A1013-00 FUMHB-3-two-2313 A708-7R-04070 07000-57195 708-7T-13421 708-seventy one-13261
04065-5718 FUSCJY305210 708-7R-11220 706-73-91001 708-71-13710 706-73-72420
708-71-13570 708-7T-13611 708-7T-13140

1.More than 1,000 varieties of merchandise for decide on.
2.Large high quality products- specialist specialized deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment and creation management crew
three.If you have any need, remember to speak to us. We will try our greatest to supply you best support.

one.EPT Method: EPT, air transportation, in accordance to consumer wants.
2.Shipping Time: two weeks after confirming the order
three.StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd EPT: Carton or picket scenario
four.EPT EPT: We can go over and assistance you.

We have EPTized in making excavator elements for numerous years, and we look EPT to operating with you.


Q: How to assure the same?
A: Prior to sending, I will consider photographs. Soon after affirmation, I send out.

Q: When to ship?
A: Once getting payment then set up.

Q: How EPT for transportation?
A: For specific/ air, it requires about 5 days. For land/ sea, it normally takes about 1 month. It depeds on your tackle.

Q: Merchandise utilization?
A If any issue about utilization, I will fix at first time.

  in Abomey-Calavi Benin  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Mini Excavator Accessories PC40 PC40mr-1 PC40mrx-1 PC40r-8 Swing Ring Gear Gear Box Assembly Crane Slew Ring Planetary Gear Carrier Assembly manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Abomey-Calavi Benin  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Mini Excavator Accessories PC40 PC40mr-1 PC40mrx-1 PC40r-8 Swing Ring Gear Gear Box Assembly Crane Slew Ring Planetary Gear Carrier Assembly manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler